Here, the words “users”, “clients”, “them”, “his”, “her”, “them”, participant belongs to the users who are buying the courses  or availing the services & the words “us”, “we”, “our” etc belongs to the company ie. Learn & Serve Private limited operating under the brand name Munshi.

We ensure that our users have a rewarding experience while they discover, assess, and purchase our courses or avail our services, whether it is an instructor-led or self-paced training or dealing with our financial experts for availing the services. There is a refund policy to compensate the not satisfactory experience with us but is subject to restrictions and limitations. When you buy a training course or avail any of our service on Munshi which is registered trade name of Learn and serve Private Limited you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and refund policy. Our refund policy is as follows:



There are certain conditions where the student can raise the refund if:

  • Only “paid amount” of the course will be subject to refund whether its full payment or part payment. The payment should be directly from the website or if it’s through any of our authorised selling agent, then the learner should have the screenshot of that payment too with him clearly specifying the payment to Munshi (Learn & Serve private limited).
  • Student can raise refund request before completing or accessing 20% of course for which he is claiming the refund.
  • Money back guarantee is void if the participant has not attended any live lecture of the teacher (Attending minimum one Live lecture is compulsory)
  • Further that there must be a reasonable ground for refund such as emergency or unavoidable urgency. Not having time to attend the classes will not be a reasonable ground for claiming refund.

After successful clearance/approval of refund which may take 0 to 7 business days, it will be credited directly to the bank account of the learner within 5 days of approval.



There are certain conditions where the Client can raise the refund:

  • Only “paid amount” of the service will be subject to refund. If the tax amount is paid by the client & afterwards service is cancelled, then that amount is also subject to refund only if the client is having the screenshot of that payment which clearly specifies that the payment is made to Munshi (Learn & Serve private limited).
  • Client can cancel the service & can claim for refund of the prepaid amount of service only if the cancellation took place before 24 hours of booking the service. Any cancellation afterwards will not be entertained.
  • There must be a reasonable ground of cancellation of service & claiming of refund. Getting the service from any other place at cheap cost will not be treated as a reasonable ground for cancellation.
  • In case of failure to deliver the service from our side (Munshi), then we are bound to refund the amount paid by the client.
  • Non-accessibility or failure of the government’s portal or any other reason of non- delivery of service due to any reason which is out of our control will not comprise of failure from our side & in that case we are not bound to refund any amount. In such a case, the reason will be intimated to the client from our side at the reasonable time.
  • The time limit specified with the services are only estimations. This will not bound us to deliver on the same date. However, in case of any variation in delivery from that date will not comprise of failure to deliver the service from our side & no refund will be processed in that case.
  • In case any user applies for emergency or urgency of services but the services were not provided because of some technical issues but not fault on our part, then the company is not liable for any refund of payment that has been made in advance.
  • In case of non-cooperation from the user in providing documents, OTPs etc for completion of services will be considered as a fault of the user & in such as case the amount of services paid by him/her will be forfeited by us.

Here the Learn and serve Private Limited, reserves the right to postpone/cancel providing the services & in such a case the user will be eligible for the refund of prepaid amount.



  • In some of our listed learning programs, we offer the guaranteed placement opportunity to the learners, which means that we are liable to refund the fee in case we failed to get you employed.
  • However, if during the process of learning, your progress report is not satisfactory & during your internship which is a part of your learning process, you progress & learning remarks or your attitude remarks are not positive from your principal due to which you failed to grab the job at the interviews that we will schedule, then we are not liable in such a case for any refund for not being employed anywhere.
  • After the completion of learning & internship process, the company may take 6-12 months for getting you placed at a job. In case, even after 12 months of completion of the training process you are not able to get a job, then company will refund the full amount of fee received at the time of learning process.



Following notification, learner/client are eligible for getting the refund for the duplicate payment made by them.

The terms and conditions of this policy are subject to change by Learn and Serve Private Limited without prior notice.

The accessing of refund application may take 0-7 days after the refund request received.

After successful approval, the refund will be credited to the bank account of the user (learner/client) within further 5 business days.