Advanced Audit & Finalization Course (Hindi)

Before finalizing the Financials & handing it over to the users of it, it is very important to have a detailed checking of it. Financials can be thoroughly checked by a finance professional only. Whenever you are about to finalize the books of accounts of any organization, its your duty to check the working of the company properly according to the laws & rules applicable. With Munshi, You can become a professional Audit & finalization consultant.

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Program overview

Key highlights

  • Basic understanding
  • Internal or External (Statutory audit)
  • Process of Audit
  • Execution of the procedures
  • Audit of Opening Balances
  • Vouching of Purchases
  • Sampling under Audit
  • Audit of Expenses & inventories
  • Vouching of Sales/Revenue
  • Audit of Cash/bank Balances
  • Audit of Debtors, Loans & Advances
  • Audit of Creditors, current liabilities
  • Audit of Bank loans & capital Balances
  • Audit of Fixed Assets
  • Ledger scanning
  • Closing Entries
  • Finalisation of Financials
  • Schedule III balancesheet Preparation